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  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • You should be familiar with the rules of the road traffic regulations /StVO).
  • A bank account in SEPA countries, a Mastercard or a VISA is required.
  • You should have valid access to an e-mail address.

You can register either via our smartphone app or online via the web portal. Personal data will be requested as part of your registration application. A creditworthiness and identity check is then carried out. Velocity then checks the accuracy of the data provided.

After the successful check, you will be activated as a customer.

Persons aged 16 and over can make an effective application for registration by signing the “Velocity from 16” form by their legal guardian(s)/legal representative(s). The form must be completed, signed and sent to  together with a copy of the user’s and legal guardian’s/legal representative’s identity cards. After a successful check that the data provided is correct, the registration application will be accepted by Velocity.

You can find the “Velocity from 16” form here.


How to use Velocity

First, you select the station where you want to start the rental process in the map view of the smartphone app. Then you can choose an e-bike. When you confirm the rental via the smartphone app, you also confirm the unlocking of the e-bike. The LED lights at the station then start flashing green. From this point on, the running time begins, so you can pull the e-bike out of the station and start riding.

The return of an e-bike ends at a station of the Velocity rental system. The e-bike must be inserted into a free and functioning locking unit. As soon as the e-bike has been pushed in, the green LED lights start flashing. After that, the bike lock will close automatically. You must then confirm the return in the smartphone app. Only after this confirmation will the rental process be terminated.

If there is no free locking unit available at the scheduled return station, you must end the ride at another return station with a free, functioning locking unit. If a bicycle is parked in front of or next to a station because all locking units are occupied, the rental process will continue.

The successful return by pushing in the e-bike, closing the bike lock and the return confirmation in the smartphone app are indicated by a green flashing of the corresponding LED lights and a confirmation in the smartphone app.

A different signal from the LED lights, in particular a red flashing or the absence of a signal, means that the return attempt was not successful and the rental process is continuing. In this case, the instructions in the smartphone app must be followed.

  • Blue: E-bike is reserved.
  • Green: Locking unit or e-bike is free.
  • Green flashing when borrowing: E-bike can be taken out.
  • Green flashing when returning: E-bike has been returned successfully.
  • Red flashing when borrowing: A problem has occurred. Please follow the instructions in the app.
  • Red flashing during return: The return attempt was not successful and the rental process is continuing. Follow the instructions in the app.
  • Colourless: Locking unit is deactivated and cannot be used when returning the vehicle.

In the smartphone app you will find a map overview showing each individual station with the respective number of e-bikes. You also have the option of viewing the current charging status before the start of the rental. Based on this information, you can estimate the possible range.

Before the start of the rental, it is possible to reserve an e-bike up to 15 minutes in advance via the smartphone app. To do this, click on the station where you want your rental to start and select an e-bike. Then confirm the reservation.

The e-bikes are equipped with locks through which they can also be secured outside the stations for a stopover. Both locking and unlocking is done exclusively via the smartphone app. However, using the lock outside a station does not terminate the chargeable use.

We currently offer the basic rate for 1.50€ per 30 minutes. There is also a monthly subscription available: with the Velo30 rate, the first 30 minutes of the ride are included. After that, the basic rate is charged at 1.50€ per 30 minutes.

No. The distance is not counted from the time of collection. Only the time between the time of collection and the time of return is counted.



If the e-bike or even the station is damaged during use, removal or return, you must inform Velocity immediately.

In the event of an accident involving personal injury or in the event of an accident involving a third party, both the police and Velocity must be informed immediately.

Velocity must be notified immediately of any defects in the e-bike that become apparent during the rental period. The notification must be made by telephone or via the smartphone app.

If there is a defect in the e-bike at the time of collection, you can return the e-bike to Velocity at the collection station after notifying Velocity of the defect and, if available, borrow it in exchange for another e-bike.

We will remedy the defect as quickly as possible.

It is important that the loss or theft of the e-bike is reported to Velocity immediately. Please also contact a police station immediately. The police file number must then be sent to Velocity.


Privacy policy

In principle, only the registration and deregistration location of each journey is stored. This data is used for billing and optimisation of the services offered.

With regard to the details and scope of the collection, storage and processing of personal data, please refer to the data protection declaration available on the Velocity homepage.

Necessary personal data is collected and processed for business transactions. When processing your personal data, Velocity complies with the applicable legal provisions, in particular the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act.

You can find the privacy policy here.